Children of the Grave

We love our children and want the best for them, the best diet, the best education, the best career. But how should we address the most important question of all: “Is there a God?” What about when they ask “Where did I come from?” and “What happens when I die?” Are you ready to look your child in the eye and say, “Darling, this is all there is; after life, nothing but a dusty grave.”

If we choose the humanist route through life, we are in danger of letting in irrational existential fears which then get passed on down the generations. Believing in nothing beyond the grave is dangerous and ultimately destructive. Without the authority of a loving God ruling over us, authority in society is eroded. Without the moral benchmarks set by the Bible, morality in society becomes confused. And without the prospect of an eternal paradise to look forward to, life becomes nothing but a series of jollies which ultimately fade into meaninglessness.

Some adults might choose atheism for themselves and accept that the end of life is the end of everything, but how does it feel to pass that bleak prospect on to their children? It is a painful and unnerving task to see innocent minds succumbing to that dark nihilism. Far better to send them to Sunday School and teach them that Jesus loves them no matter what and prepare them for the joy of an eternal heaven.

By deliberately loading kids early on with a vision of futility, we place all the pressure on the here and now, and if here and now is all there is, they are encouraged into bad habits. Nihilism leads to over compensating in the present. The temptation to let the physical and the material rule over our lives is no longer resistible, and more than that: the physical and the material must be perfect or life becomes unacceptable.

Vanity, selfishness and the resulting insecurity which these ills bring can quickly take over the minds of vulnerable youngsters and before long the inevitable rot sets in. Sex, drugs and the desire to be noticed and approved of constantly become the natural substitutes for faith. So why are we surprised when our children end up in dangerous situations? They will do anything to relieve the weight of their boring and supposedly futile lives.

The cure is to renew their faith.

In the last three centuries science has by degrees overtaken faith as the bedrock of hope for mankind. The marvellous advances in technology, in fields of medicine, communications, transport and entertainment, while welcome have convinced us that science will one day provide a paradise on earth. But what is the evidence for this? Have wars ended? Is everyone on the planet being fed and properly cared for? Are we living at peace with our environment? Even as we have at our disposal countless devices which purportedly make life easier, we are increasingly conscious of a growing insecurity. As we drive God out of our lives and are compelled to rely entirely on our own efforts to formulate some kind of meaning, we become confused about life’s priorities. Should work come first or family? Should we spend our lives helping others or helping ourselves? Most of us would like to be more altruistic but we can’t find the time or the resources. And when it comes to right and wrong, how many times have you heard: “it doesn’t pay to be nice!” As a result of these confusing signals, we doubt everything and trust in nothing.

A lot of the fault for this warped view of the world is due to falsely elevating science beyond its remit. Science is not equipped to address assumptions about our origins, the inner workings of our minds and the important question of moral purpose. Unsubstantiated science like evolution and big bang belong to the arena of theory; while evolution as a process of adaptation is easy to understand, it has yet failed to produce definitive proof of how new species come into existence. And while the maths behind big bang might be sound, it is not enough to explain what was the driver that sparked big bang in the first place.

Science is not the route to anxiety-free living (as anyone on a bad internet connexion will testify!) but anxiety is actually exacerbated by science!

Are we as adults doing our duty as responsible mentors when we teach our children this bleak philosophy, that they are no more than well-advanced apes created in a freak accident, part of an accidental universe destined only for bleak extinction?

If you believe this is a poor option, be glad there is an alternative.

Philippians 4: v6.7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

By believing in a loving God all the cares of the world and all our anxieties vanish. The earth was created not by random destructive forces (which in itself is a curious contradiction) but by the eternal version of ourselves Who wants the best for us and Who made us out of love, to experience love, to learn how to love better. Faith does not make life perfect. When we read the Bible, we find that none of God’s chosen were perfect nor had perfect lives, but they had a perfect relationship with God which was enough to guide them through the worst atrocities. From Adam to Moses, to David and Solomon, and the prophets who preceded Jesus, we encounter believers who struggle with all the things we struggle with today, yet with divine guidance succeeded. Perfection is not to be found on the surface of things, but in the heart, for there it is that God speaks to us.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.

Society today is afraid and far from being at peace with itself. We have become fearful of our own capability. Few know the way of peace. There was a time when men were at peace until there was war; now there are fewer wars but nobody knows peace. The root of this disquiet is plain to see. Everyone has their eye on something which does not exist, the comfort of money; that is the true myth. There is no peace in the World and no peace in a burgeoning bank balance, only peace in God.

Cynics might argue that it’s delusional to place our trust in a mythical being, yet there is no greater myth than the myth of the economy. To believe in the power of interest rates and share prices as the route to happiness and mankind’s salvation is the real delusion, for what does big business produce other than a few billionaires at the top and poor employees and an impoverished environment at the bottom? How much better to believe in the power of love. Our children grow up believing that debt is the most natural thing in the world and something worth aiming for, that the only indication of their worth is the figure on their bank statement or their credit score, and that unless they reach the top of their profession, they have failed.

And if they fail, they are unloved.

God would say the opposite, and the opposite provides a far more painless way to live.

So, when you hear those vital questions coming from your children’s lips, tell them this, and you won’t be lying: only 4% of the universe – stars, planets, galaxies and their inhabitants – can be seen and comprehended by scientists. The other 96% is a total mystery. With a little imagination they can fill this vacuum with anything they want; with their dreams or premonitions; with ghosts; with angels and demons, fairies and the Easter Bunny, or any other concoction they can summon from their powerful minds, and nobody can take that away from them because nobody knows any better. Then tell them the story of God who loved us so much He sacrificed his son Jesus for us. In this way we can gradually begin to rescue a confused and anxious generation from the dangers of agnosticism, atheism and dark nihilism, lift them from the grave and fill them once more with God’s love, peace, and the promise of their divine destiny.

What Are the Signs of a Failing HVAC System?

One of the reasons that you are able to work comfortably in your workspace the whole day is the Commercial Heating and Cooling Cape Cod system. But for how long? The HVAC systems need regular care, repairs, and maintenance to keep the efficiency. When failing to do so, it results in the failure of the system. Everyone has to face the inconvenience of this system failure.

However, before failing, the system shows certain signs. You know about these signs and detect them. This will help you to take up the necessary steps to fix the HVAC system before it fails. Here are some such signs that could help you to detect the failing HVAC system. All you need to do is put your senses to good use for the detection of these signs.

It Is Noisy and Loud That Before

If the system is functioning smoothly, it does not make any strange sound, which makes it one of the easily detectable signs; if you hear the making a strange sound or is louder than before that it is in desperate need of maintenance and repairs. These sounds are the result of the loose parts, issues with the belt or more.

Power Fluctuations

While working on your computer or going to a presentation, if you frequently observed fluctuations in power like flickering lights, sudden jerks and more, it clearly indicates there is some sort of issue with the power supply or overheating of the system. Ignoring this sign could induce irreparable or expensive damage to the HVAC.

Visible Increase in The Energy Bill

One of the clear indications that the efficiency of the HVAC has been affected is the increased energy bill. When the system gets old and is not serviced regularly, the parts experience a large amount of wear and tear.

The efficiency of the system is reduced due to worn-out parts. The HVAC system would now require more energy supply to regulate the temperature of the workspace. The requirement of more energy supply means spending a good amount on energy bills.

Weird Smell

The reason for the smell could be many: burning smell, worn out parts, musty smell, rotten or more. Any strange smell that does not seem to go away even when using the room fresheners then it could be the vents, filter or the system.

Make sure that you get it inspected to know the exact reason of what the smell is from, as it can be even toxic sometimes due to the leaks from the system.

Failing To Maintain Indoor Temperature

Discomfort, irritation, reduction in the productivity of the employees, bad impression on the visitors, and more could be the result of the HVAC system not being able to properly regulate the indoor temperature.

If your workspace has several floors, you may notice the change in the temperature at the different floors that it is surely the system that is failing to keep the temperature regulated.

Increased Indoor Humidity

We all have noticed this at home; if something is wrong with the AC, the humidity in the room spikes up. The same is the case. The HVAC system, along with regulating the temperature, keeps the humidity in check by removing it. If you feel your skin is too sticky than usual, that is because of the excess indoor humidity.

Failing an system could cost you expensive repairs, and sometimes it needs to be replaced. Better to keep an eye on these signs along with regular inspections, repairs and maintenance.

Things to Consider While Building a Custom Home

What though crosses your mind when you hear the word ‘home’? To many, the word ‘home’ signifies dream or rather a dream come true. Home is a safe haven; a place of shelter where you would like to come back after a day out working and toiling hard. So, definitely, the home is something that you would like to be custom- made. Your home would be the ideal expression of your personality, your aspirations, and your life. Construction of a home is something that you would like to be flawless. The essential point is that you should have a proper architectural plan and you should supervise the process with full sincerity and time.

Salient features that you need to keep in mind

In order to make sure that the construction of your home goes on smoothly and you get your desired house built, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind. They are as follows:

  • Choosing the right and apt construction partner is the first point that you should ensure. The construction agent should be able to understand your ideas and demands.
  • It is your duty to choose the right kind of materials for the construction of your house. Depending on the geographical and climatic factors of the region, you should choose the right kind of paints that you would like to use for your house.
  • You should ensure that there exists a proper agreement between you and the construction agency which has all the terms and conditions mentioned clearly.
  • You should have a clear idea of the monetary budget that you have for the construction of your house. It is generally observed and seen that the expenditure exceed the budget estimate. So, you should have sufficient finance in store so that you may use the money in case of any kind of emergency.
  • Use of earthquake resistant iron rods is very significant as this would serve as a protection guard in case of the occurrence of earthquake.
  • Any kind of construction process requires large amount of water. So, you need to ensure that there is a continuous and sufficient supply of water so that the builders do not suffer from any kind of water deficiency.

The ins and outs of the home construction process

The process of home construction has undergone several pioneering and mind- boggling changes since the last few years. This is because the concept of building a home has changed:

  • The promoters and architects are now applying the latest ideas in shaping your dream home. This has changed the outlook altogether.
  • The construction of home now involves the use of finer technologies; earthquake resistant iron rods and exclusive fine finish paints.
  • The interior designs have also undergone revolutionary changes. The new home builders are now capable of actually reading your mind and thus, they are able to make much better constructions. This became possible with the advent of technology and the rampant use of the internet.

With this technological advancement, the home builders of the new generation are able to get access to ideas from all across the globe that helps them to convert your dream construction into a marvelous reality.

Tips to Cut Expenses During New Home Construction

Every second earning person carries this dream of building a house in the future. For this, they start saving since very early in their life. However, sometimes, the saved money is not enough to build a dream space. At this place, they severely need an idea to cut costs during a new construction.

Cost cutting will enable the person to have an affordably built house and bear the expenses of one of the new home builders.

Let us see how to enable cost cutting in new home construction.

Prepare an early budget:

When you start planning the budget early, you have the time to include and seclude certain necessary and unnecessary things. You can add the important things like plumbing, HVAC installation, electrical work, and furniture work, and leave the unimportant things like the interior etc. for later.

Research the market and prepare the estimate:

Before you actually go to a new home builder, make sure you have researched the market for the price of materials, tools, etc. This way a builder will not be able to cheat you. Also, this way, you will be able to follow the point number 1.

Keep the design of house simple:

When you go for complex design, the price of overall projects starts increasing. Therefore, to cut the cost, keep simple design and stick to the rectangular platform. Also, avoid complicated roof-line and keep the ceiling simple.

Choose energy efficient lighting:

To invest less in energy, choose energy-efficient solutions. The list may include the appliances, HVAC system, solar lights, LEDs, etc. Also, make sure you choose star-rated products only.

Choose quality material, but at an affordable price:

Building materials are touching sky height and therefore, research for the materials and contact a good dealer. A good dealer will provide all the materials at affordable prices and thus, it will cut the overall cost of the budget.

Used materials which are recycled:

To cut the major cost of the project, you can use the recycled materials that are not only pocket-friendly but earth-friendly. The recycled products are cement composites, recycled steel, sawdust and a lot more. You can also use recycled plumbing fixtures, fireplace fixture, window lumber, etc. Although in new home construction, you would love to add first-hand items, yet what a big deal if you save and still get the best.

Start small and build tall:

In the starting, start small and build rooms which are most needed. There is no need to include guest rooms, etc. A small project will cut impeccable cost and enable you to have your dream house. Also, rather than expanding the area of the house, expand the height. The tall building will have smaller roof and foundation, thus cutting the cost of the budget.

So, these were some of the tips with which you can save the overall cost of your new home project. Also, for more ideas, consult the best home advisor.

Hernia Treatment Without Surgery Is Becoming Widespread

Generally, hernia requires surgery. But, these days, hernia treatment without surgery is becoming widespread. Yoga hernia exercises are useful for hernia treatment without surgery because it is found that over 30% hernia surgery patients end up with pain and discomfort afterwards. Inserting a foreign net can cause complications later in your 30 to 40 years of post-operation life. Instead of immediate surgery, you can try out gentle yogic stretching in static and dynamic form. This is good for gradually strengthening weak abdominal muscles as it supplies abundant amount of oxygenated blood that nourishes, activates, tones and strengthens. This in turn improves muscle tensile strength which prevent displacement of internal organs. Exercising as a solution for hernia will also safeguard that the hernia does not recur in adjacent area.

You can ask a physical therapist for guidance on exercises that fit your unique condition as patient education & training are key factors in the overall process of physiotherapy treatment. Hernia treatment without surgery will need 1 to 3 months of committed effort and patience to heal.


Piles are usually inflamed and swollen collections of tissue in the anal area. They can be of any sizes and may be internal or external. Piles are usually caused by increased pressure in the lower rectum. The blood vessels around the anus and in the rectum generally stretch under pressure and may swell, thus forming piles. The symptoms of piles are:

  • Hard stool and constipation,
  • Diarrhea and frequent bowel movements.

Doctors usually diagnose piles after carrying out some physical examinations like digital rectal examination or colonoscopy.

In most cases, piles dissolve on their own without the need for any treatment. But, some piles become severe. Read on to discover some piles treatment that will help significantly to reduce the discomfort and itching.

  1. Diet – Diet change is a must to keep the stools regular and soft. This means you need to eat more fiber, such as fruit and vegetables or bran-based breakfast cereals. You should increase water consumption.
  2. Body weight – Exercising and losing weight help in reducing the severity of piles.
  3. Medicines – Over-the-counter medicines like painkillers, ointments, creams, and pads help to soothe redness and swelling around the anus. Corticosteroids medicines can reduce inflammation and pain. Laxatives are prescribed if a person with piles suffers from constipation.
  4. Surgery – An elastic band is placed around the base of the pile, cutting off its blood supply. In sclerotherapy, medicine is injected to make the hemorrhoid shrink. Infrared coagulation is a device that is used to burn the hemorrhoid tissue. The excess tissue that is causing the bleeding can be surgically removed. Hemorrhoid stapling is done to block the blood flow to the hemorrhoid tissue. Laser surgery is the latest technique for treating piles.

So, multi specialty hospitals have well known doctors for piles treatment where you can get yourself completely cured.

Telehealth Resource Center Grant Project

The Health Resources and Services Administration, frequently known as the HRSA, is an agency operating inside the United States Department of Health and Human Services that is largely answerable for bettering the public’s access to quality health care services.

The grants and initiatives of the HRSA are all particularly designed to contribute to the attainment of its main agency mission which is to “improve health and achieve health equity through access to quality services, a skilled health work force and cutting edge programs.”

In accordance with this mission, the Health Resources and Services Administration has recently constituted the establishment of the Telehealth Resource Center Grant Program, also known as the TRCGP.

Essentially, the aim of the program is to be able to financially support the establishment and development of Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs).

The Telehealth Resource Centers will be engineered to provide technical assistance to health care affiliations, health care networks, and several other groups of health care providers during the process of implementing inexpensive telehealth programs that would serve medically underserved communities and populations.

With this, the program will be able to expedite and customize the provision of telehealth technical assistance services throughout the country, while simultaneously moving towards the provision of a wide range of expertise that may not be readily available in any existing community.

The program seeks to seek applications from entities who have already manifested daunting experience in providing technical assistance regarding the development of sustainable telehealth programs.

In addition, the program also hopes to expedite the successful dissemination of health-related information, the effective collusion and communication between health care providers, and finally, the marketing of the integration of new technologies used in clinical information systems with other telehealth technologies.

The Telehealth Resource Center Grant Program intends to financially support the creation of up to five Telehealth Resource Centers by administering funds in the amount of $1,625,000.

The organizations and institutions who will be eligible to submit an application under this program are the following:

a) Non-profit setups

b) Faith-based organizations

c) Community-based organizations

d) Tribal non-profit organizations

The Department of Health and Human Services, the mother agency that is financing the Telehealth Resource Center Grant Program, is the federal government’s leading agency that is responsible for defending the health of all Americans through the provision of essential human services to all, giving greatest priority to the vulnerable and to the medically uninsured.

Twitter Tips – 7 Reasons For Law Firms to Use Twitter

There have been many discussions concerning whether Twitter is an appropriate social media tool for law firms. I say YES… loudly. Twitter is an excellent tool for law firms to expand their reach and share their firm culture. It is also a great way for law firms to further develop and communicate a bit of their firm’s personality with the market.

Successful businesses know clients invest with those they know, like and true; this basic business principle is also true for law firms.

In fact, law firms can benefit from “digital word of month” referrals and recommendations based on this solid business principle by using Twitter to:

  1. Share updates about pro bono wins;
  2. Share information about community involvement;
  3. Share attorney awards and recognition;
  4. Share the accolades for firm clients;
  5. Syndicate legal alerts and other informational briefs by firm attorneys;
  6. Provide current legal information (not advice) about issues facing the firm’s target audience; and
  7. Provide commentary about recent legal happenings.

When starting with Twitter I often advise clients to:

  • Designate an attorney and marketing professional to become the firm’s chief Tweeters;
  • Establish a Twitter account to find legal professionals to follow;
  • Observer Twitter conversations of those key people you follow to learn about Twitter’s culture; and then
  • Start sharing information and engaging others.

Twitter is a powerful magnetic branding tool that law firms can utilize to attract media attention and drive traffic to their blog or website. In addition, Tweets are indexed by Google, providing an added benefit for using this tool to expand reach and increase visibility.

Is It Possible to Build a Log Cabin In Winter?

The snow is beginning to fall. The chill is in the air. Right around the corner the holidays await us. This is the time to sit inside with a cup of hot cocoa and a twinkling Christmas tree, listening to carols. But wouldn’t that be so much more satisfying if it were in a log cabin, the perfect setting for those winter activities? Too bad you have to wait until it is warm again before you can start building your dream cabin.

Or do you? It is actually possible to build a log cabin in winter. Sure, it takes a big of preparation and know how, but that doesn’t mean it is out of your reach.

Preparing The Site of Your Log Cabin

Winter isn’t actually a bad time to get to work on the site of your log cabin. Groundwater is a lot lower than during the warmer months, which makes it an easier job and requires less work to get rid of it. Frost can be an issue if you are deep into the season, so you want to get started as soon as possible. You can prepare the site with up to two inches of frost. Snow is a bigger issue and unless it is temporary powder, once real snowfall hits it will be too late.

Preparing Yourself For Work

Are you ready to be working in the cold? There is a distinct advantage that you have in winter over summer and that is the lack of heat. Anyone who has done manual labor or labor intensive projects in the summer knows that it is a miserable and even dangerous task. It can be a real relief to be working on things in the colder months, but you need to be properly attired. Have a thick coat and layers. Have good gloves with texture to keep some friction for holding things. Put on thick socks (or multiple pairs) under solid boots that are both warm and anti-slip. A scarf or balaclava and a hat to protect the face, neck and ears are also important. For some additional comfort you can get pocket warmers that can help you on those chillier days. Make sure you are aware of weather conditions and plan your build accordingly.

Hiring a Company for Construction

Putting up a log cabin is difficult in the best of conditions. In winter it can be really hard for people who don’t know what they are doing, or who just don’t have help. You should consider hiring builders to do it for you. Many will work in the winter for an additional fee, which also ensures it will be done faster and right the first time. Be prepared to pay a premium but you will be glad for the work when a crew of five or more people get your log cabin up within a few weeks instead of a few months. Keep in mind that they may only get the exterior done at first as quickly as possible and worry about finishing and interior after, when they don’t have to worry about being stuck outside.

Prefabricated or Custom Built?

Another factor in how quickly you can get your log cabin built is whether or not it is going to be done from scratch. This can take a year or more to complete so you would only be pushing through the winter to get it done a little sooner. That is usually way too long for most people, especially when there is a faster alternative. A prefabricated log cabin is one that has been ordered and manufactured in a factory in large pieces then shipped to your erection site. A crew (or you and a few others) can then put them up in sections, making it a much faster process that can be done within weeks instead of months or years. You may also be more likely to find a building crew to handle the construction if they know it is just a prefab and so they can knock it out fast, before the snow starts. Want another reason to go prefab? They are much cheaper (sometimes by tens of thousands of dollars) and can be customized if you go through a company that specializes in their own designs.

Potential Risks In Winter

Now that you know that a log cabin can be built in winter you should know the risks. It can be difficult sometimes to find a construction company that is willing to handle a built that late in the year. That might leave you holding the reigns and if you don’t know how to construct a log cabin that could be a really challenging DIY that might not be within your capabilities. Then there is the weather itself. When it is cold you are risking hypothermia and frostbite, both of which can come on much faster and at higher temperatures than you might expect. Slipping is another very real issue, as ice can be on the ground and totally unseen if it froze in a thin, hard layer. The more you move around the site, especially where there was groundwater, the more you risk slipping and injuring yourself. Finally, there is just the construction itself. Let’s say you get started and you miscalculated the snowfall. It begins sooner than you thought and before you are done. You can’t just leave the site, you have to cover it and hope that there is no damage to what you have already done before spring comes.

As you can see, winter construction is possible when you want a log cabin. But your best bet is going to be hiring a construction company that handles prefabricated dwellings in order to get it up and operational before the snow comes. Once the exterior is done they can take more time on the interior and final touches.

So if you are worried that you have to wait until spring to get your dream log cabin, don’t worry. It is within reach, you just have to take the proper precautions.

Can I Get Ticketed By an Off-Duty Police Officer?

We are thankful for our law enforcement personnel who sacrifice their lives every day to protect our rights and our safety. As citizens, we expect police officers to be honest, respectful, and un-biased figures of society, so that we may trust them to carry out their duties responsibly.

But sometimes, a cop can exhibit overconfidence and carry out personal agendas that are not necessarily a positive contribution to our communities. One common example of this involves off-duty cops and unmarked police vehicles. Continue reading to learn about your rights as a citizen in the case that you are pulled over by an off-duty police officer in an unmarked vehicle.

Off-Duty and Unmarked

Have ever been pulled over by an unmarked police vehicle? They appear to look like any other normal vehicle on the road, and then all of a sudden, you see their flashing lights and sirens in your rearview mirror. Unmarked police cars are purposeful and used in several types of investigations and routine applications. So if you are pulled over in one, by a cop that is actually on-duty, then you are being legally pulled over. However, if you were pulled over by an off-duty police officer in an unmarked vehicle and out of uniform, the situation changes.

According to Indiana Code ยง 9-30-2-2:

A law enforcement officer that is off the clock and driving in an unmarked vehicle does not have the authority to pull someone over and issue them a citation or ticket.

Accordingly, any evidence gathered by the police officer during an unauthorized stop is suppressible, and carries no weight in a court of law whatsoever. Many drivers have had their citations and tickets revoked under these circumstances, after an attorney successfully presented their argument regarding this Indiana Code.

How to Challenge an Illegal Ticket

It is important to understand the limits of a cop’s authority, and when and where they have jurisdiction. This way, you can know whether or not a ticket is being issued legally. If this has ever happened to you, you might want to consider challenging it, or expunging the violation altogether. Talk to a record expungement lawyer to see if you qualify.

Remember, an off-duty officer in an unmarked vehicle has just as much right to pull you over as you have the right to pull over the car in front of you. So if a cop on his way home from work wants to pull you over, keep this in mind. But of course, never keep driving. It is best to just stop and talk to the police officer. Do not argue, accept the ticket, and then immediately call a defense lawyer when you get home.

Real Estate Bubble Burst – A Preview of Things to Come!

The LA Times ran a story on March 4th on the bust of the Shanghai, China, real estate market. In one of the world’s hottest housing markets, the last three years saw a doubling of prices. Things are now so bad now that thousands of real estate offices have closed, many homeowners have loan amounts that are greater than their properties resale value, recent buyers are fighting with developers to rescind their purchases, and banks are awaiting a wave of mortgage defaults.

Morgan Stanley’s chief Asia economist said “Shanghai’s housing slump is only going to worsen and imperil a significant part of the Chinese economy”. About the property now under construction, this same economist said “They’ll remain empty for years!”

The similarities to our hot US bubble markets, makes me believe this is preview of what we are already starting to experience (though at a much slower pace).

The first signs of trouble in our real estate markets were very subtle and only picked up, or acknowledged, by very few real estate professionals. Since mid 2005 the red flags have been quite obvious to even the layperson. Yet, the forever optimistic ‘it’s always a good time to buy’ industry line is embraced by the mass media (they certainly do not want to lose their immense source of real estate advertising revenue) and the naive general public.

In San Diego in particular and most other major metropolitan real estate markets, it’s quite acceptable to acknowledge and embrace the double digit real estate appreciation of the past. Yet, even the thought of depreciation of real estate is looked on with the same disbelief as if a child molester moved in next door.

There is a proven saying in our stock market: “You can never go broke taking a profit.” In many US markets, seasoned investors can still turn a profit. However, if Shanghai’s real estate market is any indication of what awaits the hot US markets…..the window of opportunity is closing very fast!